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I know you guys are going to have an opinion on who is the best pornstar. I’ve got mine and like it or not she is 100% hands down the sexiest and most willing pornstar on the planet. I’m sure you’ve heard or if you’ve been lucky enough you’ve most certainly seen Gianna Michaels in action. This goddess of a girl has a set of tits to die for and she loves them being tit fucked on camera.

It isn’t just her wicked looking body that makes Gianna so awesome. When you watch any of the titty fucking movies with Gianna Michaels in it you can really see that she is giving it her all. Most pornstars just fake their way through a scene, not Gianna, she wouldn’t give anything less than an effort that is deserving of a huge cumshot on those lovely boobs.

Having been around the scene for a number of years this girl has really come of age. You can tell that when she is craving a cock nothing and nobody is going to stop her from getting it. Unstoppable would be a word that I’d use for her, either you give her your cock willingly or she is just going to go right ahead and milk it between her big breasts!

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I used to laugh at my friends that are all into adult dating. They use sits like and get laid tons of times.. I mean, get serious.  Is there a place that you know of where a lot of women – and good-looking women at that – are ready, willing and eager to have sex with random strangers?  I don’t think so.  Well, at least, that’s how I used to think.  That’s the kind of guy I am.  I’m very skeptical.  I’m usually the type of person that says something can’t be done even if I’m looking at somebody who’s in the process of actually doing the impossible. I’m normally a very pessimistic person.

Hey, everybody’s got their quirks, but I’m happy to report that I’m not alone.  I think most people think along the same lines as me.  Most people tend to focus on the tried and proven things in life.  As far as I am concerned, the whole idea behind match dating which is adults meeting online for anonymous sex is the stuff of fantasies.  You heard me – fantasies.

Sure, you probably thought about the same stuff when you were in high school because, hey, if you are a pimply-faced high school that can’t get any pussy, that’s all you’ve got – fantasies and, of course, jerking off.  So, the whole idea to me was just laughable.  It’s not like I was some sort of pimp when it comes to meeting members of the opposite sex. 

In fact, I was the exact opposite.  The whole idea of meeting women pretty much terrifies me.  Of course, I pretty much had to suck it in because, hey, I couldn’t stand being lonely, but still, it really took a lot out of me hitting those dance clubs, going to all those singles bars and essentially crawling out of my shell.

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